GetGoing guarantees smooth-running and effective roadshows. On exhibition sites, at sales partners' locations, in public spaces, you name it. We turn your very own marketing strategies into the reality you want!

We get your ideas moving!

No roadshow without management! We help you implement a very special marketing strategy. Today, nobody gets excited about ads, billboards and small trade fair stalls. That's why we want to give you the opportunity to offer your customers, trade partners and others something really special! Whether you use them at trade fairs or for entire roadshows, our show trucks always leave a lasting impression. You can choose from a range from 3.5 to 40 tons, and between stages and open or closed display spaces. And that's not all. We love to be inspired by new ideas, so don't hesitate to approach us with special requests. We'll do all we can to put your vision into practice.

This is how it works

In general terms, mobile marketing means: You hire or buy a show truck and we plan your tour, give you ideas and support you all the way. Is that all? Of course not! We even help out before that so you pick the vehicle best for you, then we take care of the design and equipment to your requirements. During the events, our trained drivers look after your truck, and we pull the strings behind the scenes. Creativity, innovation and spontaneity are essential because mobile marketing means you have to expect the unexpected. Our many years of experience have made us experts at finding individual solutions and thinking outside the box. We also take care of all that annoying legal and official paperwork. That applies whether you stage an event in Germany, tour several countries, or even across continents.

Ulrike Meyer - Veranstaltungskauffrau

The heart of our operations: our PartnerNet

Whether your roadshow is scheduled to run for a week or several years, we give you access to our organisation through our PartnerNet. Unforeseen changes can crop up, especially on long tours, that make re-organisation necessary. We're always aware of the big picture, but that's not enough for us. We also want you to have an overview of the latest developments, plans and dates. But don't get us wrong – our PartnerNet isn't the only means of communication with us. It's simply a tool that brings together all the information and changes we've agreed on beforehand in person, by phone, by mail or in any other way.

Quite simply, the PartnerNet is a collection of all the information about your roadshow that you can access online at the click of a button. We'll be happy to create a profile and provide personal access for your employees and other participants. The interface is easy to use and comes with a basic kit of a diary, a photo gallery and a download area. But you can also choose optional extras such as applications that let you enter location reports or a wish list. These features are especially useful if you take a tour with lots of locations and different participants who enquire about booking dates.

Custom designs

Our sister company Eilers Fahrzeugbau is responsible for producing our vehicles. It all started in 1897 with the building of horse-drawn carriages, followed by the first proper trailers, then fairground wagons, and finally show trucks. We've always kept moving, and we have no intention of standing still! We constantly find inspiration for further developments and new ideas to try out. Mass manufacturing, volume production and the like are just not our thing. We specialise in tailor made rather than off the peg.

So come to us with your special wishes and we'll do everything to realise them as you want. It could be something really extravagant like a 2-meter-tall bottle or a whole trailer, models of entire containers, watch towers, or anything else you can think of.

Yet custom designs don't have to start from scratch. On request (and as far as possible without the technical inspection authority freaking out), we build add-ons to our existing range, e.g. the stage extensions for our Stage PromoCar.

PromoCar hire

What's special about our PromoCars? Simple: They've got character! Each one looks different. You can choose from vehicles starting at 3.5 tons and going up to 40 tons. Also available are vehicles with glazed areas, open presentation spaces, enclosed rooms and stages. We use oriel technology in different ways, also in combination with stage and glazed elements. But our vehicles don't just extend at the sides. How about a roof terrace, flagpoles, or even a second storey?

Simply contact us by phone or mail, we'll gladly help you choose the right truck!


Here are a few points to consider up front:

  • Buy or rent? Are you looking for a permanent commitment, or would you rather have a brief encounter?
  • What best describes your idea of a roadshow: "Big and bold" or "small and exclusive"?
  • How do you plan to use the truck? With a stage performance? As a display space? Or something completely different?
  • Up to 7.49 tons

    • Product presentations (fixed installation of your exhibits possible)
    • For publicity purposes (pedestrian zones, supermarkets, ...)
    • Employee training (for small groups of 3-4 people plus display items)
    • Mobile office or small meeting room
    • Mobile trade fair stand
    • Trade presentations at frequently changing locations
    • Combined events, partly with presenters
    • Self-sufficient deployments (electricity, water)
  • Up to 40 tons

    • Product presentations (fixed installation of your exhibits possible)
    • Press conferences
    • Hospitality (e.g. at sports events)
    • Recruiting events at universities
    • Employee training
    • Mobile office or meeting room
    • Mobile trade fair stand
    • Trade presentations
    • Combined events, partly with presenters
    • Self-sufficient deployments (electricity, air conditioning, water)
  • Show stages

    • Mobile trade fair stand
    • Shows with presenters
    • Open-air shows
    • Music, theatre and dance shows
  • Custom vehicles

    Wild ideas? No problem!

    Do you have a concrete idea of how your truck should look? Our sister company Eilers Fahrzeugbau GmbH doesn't just stick to its existing range, but builds new vehicles all the time. We're also open to special variations (within the realms of the physically possible!).

  • ADC

    Network and telecommunications technology giant ADC was on tour with our PromoCar 7 for more than a decade. During this time it travelled far and wide and came to be loved by both ADC staff and the GetGoing team. To keep things brief yet still give you a meaningful impression, we've selected two highlights from our 2007 South Africa tour. What we learned was:

    1. Some South Africans have a slightly different business approach, summed up as:
      Grab your chance if you get hold of the keys to somebody else's vehicle during shipment. Take everything you can carry and sell it back to the dumb foreigners at the next available garage
    2. Pussycats are not impressed by the honking of a 40-ton truck!
      Our driver was lucky enough to spot a cheetah dozing in the sun. Unfortunately, it was lying in the middle of the road. When the driver honked his horn and drove closer, the big cat looked up, yawned and stayed put. There was nothing for it but to wait!

    Although the road through South Africa was paved with quite a few obstacles, the project turned out a complete success!

    The score

    Cats: 1

    Truck: Plundered

    Countries travelled: 36

    Length of cables: 2 km

    Language: Wild gesticulation

  • Stiebel Eltron

    Our PromoCar 9 has been on the go since 2008 as a heat pump truck in the Stiebel Eltron energy winners tour all over Germany and in neighbouring countries. Looking at the truck from outside, the first thing that catches your eye is the attractive energy winner with the lovely freckles. She appears three times on the sides of the truck, in formats of up to 3 x 4 m. When the model came to see the truck for herself, a Stiebel Eltron employee gave her a thoughtful look and said "Don't I know you from somewhere...?". Luckily, that's not typical, because our years of experience have shown that the heat pump truck does make a lasting impression (at least on customers).

    The score

    Freckles: 723

    Models: At least 3

    Energy winners: Increasing all the time

    Daft questions: 1

  • Egger

    Chasms gape, the leading character faces ever new dangers, the heroic rescuer is grilled for up to 24 hours ... Sounds like a trailer for the next Mission Impossible movie? Actually, it's one of the never-boring tours of timber producer and Tyrolean family business EGGER through a string of European countries. The chasms are in reality potholes 30 cm deep. In the leading role is of course the EGGER truck built by Eilers Fahrzeugbau. Our driver skilfully rescues it from the dangers of the treacherous roads and sometimes has to wait for up to 24 hours in customs.

    But it's all worth it, the truck guarantees an unforgettable experience! The reason is the lovingly designed interior with real trees and the latest technology. All this makes the truck an eyecatcher not just from the outside, but a real gem inside as well.

    The score

    Potholes: Too many

    Border crossings: 14

    Soundtrack: "Jaws"

    Hollywood: Calling any time soon

    Technology: All on board!

  • RTL

    It was the dead of night. By the light of the moon, the garage door opened slowly, hearts raced, knees trembled, the time had come. The PromoCar Stage emblazoned with the RTL logo got its first view of the outside world after weeks under strict quarantine in its hideaway, the GetGoing hall. It was a top-secret operation. Not a word was to be leaked to the public, camera phones were confiscated, prying eyes kept out. But three months before the event of the year 2010, it was finally time. This was the night the truck was taken to the first press conference. Topic: The 2010 World Cup. RTL hired our PromoCar Stage for large public viewing events in Germany so that it could contribute to the excitement with sporting analyses, summaries and pre-match reports.

    Everything has to be perfectly coordinated for an event like this. That means a lot of activity behind the scenes. The funny thing was, while the match was being shown to the public on a giant screen, the crew were watching behind the truck on a 15" screen. Even that wasn't really necessary because the surge of emotions between tense silence, half-time chatter and jubilant cheering came across anyway, and it was easy to guess what was going on at any time.

    At the end of July 2011, the PromoCar Stage was again on the go for RTL, this time for the "20 years of Formula 1 at RTL“ event. In Heppenheim, the home of current world champion Sebastian Vettel, it again supported the public viewing for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

    The score

    Birthdays: 13

    Secrecy level: Top secret

    Partying fans: 30,000

    Attraction: Ball rolling across screen

    Volume:Not for the faint-hearted


    There was much amazement when a member of the GetGoing team (involuntarily) performed a magic trick. He dropped his green ballpoint pen onto the floor of the SERAMIS truck that had just been covered with artificial grass flooring. Abracadabra – the pen disappeared! It took three people searching the floor meticulously before the cleverly disguised pen was found. They were euphoric: "Plants love it" – so do we! The slogan "A journey of discovery with the SERAMIS truck" took on a whole new meaning. Who knows what else is hidden in the magic flooring?

    When no explorers are crawling around on it, the SAM1 functions as an open advertising and sales stage for SERAMIS products. In summer 2011, the SAM1 drove to different home improvement stores and garden centres every day, proving very popular with everybody (and not just because of its floor).

    The score

    Plants: Green

    Fingers: Now also green

    Real grass: 4,20 €/m²

    Artificial grass: 50,00 €/m²

    Magic tricks: Priceless


    We've got the whole Daimler family under our wing: Daimler trucks, Daimler cars, Daimler vans and Daimler communication trucks. And GetGoing offers the full range: short-term hire, long-term hire, purchase or individual interior fitting.

    For instance, for Daimler cars our PromoCar12 (A-Tool) and SAM4 (B-Tool) have been on the road for several years – big brother and little brother on tour together. When they split up, the atmosphere can turn icy – literally.

    In 2009, the A-Tool was equipped for a job at temperatures of down to -25°C in Siberia. That involved replacing the hydraulic oil with a higher-viscosity oil and adjusting the SPCs that control the truck so that the driver doesn't fall asleep while the supports are being extended. With that volume of oil it was a huge job, but it was worth it. The skid-prone giant was transformed into an elegant and above all ice-proof princess. The battle with ice and snow was on! At the same time, the B-Tool faced a similar situation. Although it has to be said it wasn't quite so expected. Why? Because the destination was Spain! Not only did our driver there sink to his stomach in snow, but after a few days the B-Tool in its sleek black finish had also become one with the silent, white landscape. Digging it out was not an option.

    The score:

    Temperatures: -25°C to 40°C

    Weather: Changeable

    Hydraulic oil: 120 litres


About GetGoing

Sleepy little village? No way!

How do you imagine the world of event and roadshow management? Exciting? Varied? Maybe even hectic? Lots of people who know our small home town of Altjührden in Friesia near the German coast might wonder how that chimes with the famous Friesian stolidness. Well, that's probably what makes a visit to our company something special. But don't worry. We speak low German with a high German attitude! There's plenty of local character, but you don't have to speak the local dialect!


In fact, our business is international, and our customers located all over the world. So our rural location is irrelevant because most of our communication is by phone and internet. The heart of this system is our PartnerNet.

If you're moving up to 40 tons on international roads, you have to be flexible and unflappable. Over the years, we've gained a lot of experience, but it's still important to expect new situations to crop up during a roadshow. It's this unpredictability and scope for surprises that make this kind of promotion so exciting and special. That's why fast problem solving, spontaneity, courage and a love of new challenges are a big part of our makeup.


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